Selling Your Milkround?

We Buy Milkrounds

Do you have a milkround or multiple milkrounds and fancy the idea of early retirement, a change of direction or just want to cash in on your hard work?

Sell the goodwill:

If you want to just sell the business as a going concern and sell your assets on the open market we will offer you a great price for the goodwill of your business.

Sell the goodwill & assets

We may also be prepared to buy the goodwill plus the assets, if the assets can be used within the business.

Sell the goodwill & assets & carry on working

If you would like to sell up and work for The Local Milkman as an employee we would be very interested in discussing this with you

Worried about your staff?

We would be happy to look at transferring the current contracts of your staff, providing they fall in to line with what we pay our current employees, so they may well end up with better rates of pay and more holidays, depending on what they currently get.

Want to discuss selling to us?

Why not drop us an email and arrange a meeting and decide if selling up is really for you? If you are not in our delivery area get in touch and we will try and find you a buyer (no finders fee! we just want to help)

Email us at: for more information