Glass v Plastic

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Why Use Glass Bottles Instead of Plastic?

Glass bottles present a much more eco-friendly choice when buying your milk. Unlike plastic bottles, our glass bottles can be reused up to 40 times before being recycled.

Once the bottles are empty you just need to rinse them out and leave them out for collection the next day. When they are collected they are retuned to the depot and sent back to the milk processor where they are sterilised and re-filled ready for the next delivery.

This process is much faster than having to throw old plastic or carton containers into your recycling and then waiting for it to be collected.

Once your recycling has been taken away it has to be sorted and then shipped off to recycling plants that deal with plastic, carton, paper and card board etc. This in itself can be a very time-consuming process and also one which has an effect on the environment if you consider how much fuel is used transporting the materials and how much energy is used recycling them.

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The Eco Choice

With so much single-use plastic in use these days we all must look for ways to increase our efforts to save the planet and ordering milk in glass rather than plastic is a great place to start.

Why did plastic take over from glass?

A lot of businesses stopped using glass due to the cost, and in the early days nobody realised the consequences of switching over to single-use plastic and the damaging effect it would have on the environment and on the planet where we live.

Plastic became cheaper to store and cheaper to transport so more and more products were switched to plastic rather than glass.

After the TV programme The Blue Planet with David Attenborough was broadcast people really started to think about the damage plastic was doing to the planet and made the decision to look for alternatives, with milk in glass bottles making a remarkable turnaround.

milk delivered in glass bottles

The decline of the doorstep delivery

Go back to the early 1980’s and the milkman was the main source of the UK’s milk supply with over 90% of milk being delivered to the door in glass bottles. These bottles, as they are today were left out to be used again, rather than the plastic bottles that were discarded and sent to landfill.

By the 1990’s and the deregulation of the Milk Marketing Board supermarkets decided to start selling milk in plastic bottles and at cost price just to get customers through the door. This had a real damaging effect on the old milkman and saw a decline from the 90% in the early 80’s to what it is today, which is around 4% of the UK population.

Thankfully this is now increasing due to factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw an increase in people returning to the milkman and the attitude of people towards the environmental impact single use plastic was having on the planet.


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Damaging Effects Of Plastic

Although a lot of plastic these days is recycled there are still thousands of tons of single-use plastic that are dumped in bins and sent off to be dumped in our landfill sites and because they are not biodegradable they just sit there for years causing plastic pollution.

Plastic products contain many chemical additives, which have proven to affect our health and cause many cancers, brain disorders and infertility.

When plastics and micro plastics end up in the environment they attract micro-organisms such as harmful bacteria, which can cause infection if these pathogens enter the body.

plastic pollution