THE LOCAL MILKMAN has deployed contingency plans to enable continued supply of milk, cream and goods to our customers during this pandemic.

This includes the following measures:

  1. Protecting Employees

THE LOCAL MILKMAN has communicated to all our staff the signs, symptoms and control measures necessary to safeguard the work force and provided suitable resources to increase awareness and personal hygiene controls. Employees where necessary are encouraged to self-isolate, protecting those who can continue to remain effective to the business operations.

  1. All non-business critical meetings and extensive business travel has been cancelled. Return to work from travel or illness has increased scope and awareness. Employees will be required to complete a screening questionnaire prior to returning to work. Within the organisation, interdepartmental isolation means are being deployed to reduce contamination within the employees.
  1. Raw materials and supply chain– all supplying farms have been communicated with and all the milk collection is conducted with a dedicated fleet, with no agency or contractors. This will help limit the exposure risk, generally tanker drivers do not have direct contact with producers during collections. The milk processor’s distribution fleet remains focused on meeting the customer demands and increased measures have been deployed to support the team, additional service level agreements between s Cotteswold Dairy and local hauliers have been implemented.  All vehicles have been provided with increased personal hygiene controls.
  1. Company infrastructure, where feasible remote working provisions have been adopted and other areas of the business are upskilling employees from other duties to provide a more multifunctional workforce and mitigate reduced staffing risks.
  1. Suppliers are continually being communicated with and assurances sourced for continued trading. Precautionary measures have been adopted, including us and our suppliers holding increased stock
  1. Currently all products supplied remain within the production plan, however should the supply chain or work force be further constrained then plans will be implemented to focus on supply of the core lines such as milk, juice, fruit & veg, bread & eggs. Customers will be communicated with in a timely manner should this be the case

THE LOCAL MILKMAN is committed to providing our customers the very best service levels and will continue to monitor the situation and communicate accordingly during these challenging times.