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Your local milkman is online. Register today so you can receive a delivery of fresh milk, fruit & veg and many more items, delivered to your home or office with FREE delivery.

Your Local Doorstep Milk Delivery Service

Milk Order Online was set up many years ago to give consumers the opportunity to order their milk, fruit & veg, groceries and many other items from the comfort of their home or office or even on the go using their mobile phone. Customers can place their orders online via the website, with deliveries available twice a week, Monday & Thursday in some areas,Tuesday & Friday in some areas and Wednesday & Saturday in others. Help in the fight against plastic pollution by buying your milk in eco-friendly glass bottles

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About Us

At Milk Order Online we go out of our way to ensure our customers only ever receive the best quality products on the market, so you are guaranteed when you open your door in the morning you will be greeted by fresh milk, quality hand-picked fruit & veg and high end grocery products.

All our staff are local, with many of them being with us for many years, and they really do go out of their way to give our loyal customers the best possible service.

No Delivery Charge!

Unlike the supermarkets there is no delivery charge when ordering with Milk Order Online, and no minimum order. Also if you have an elderly relative or even a son or daughter who lives in our delivery area and you want to arrange a delivery for them and manage their account, then please register on the website, invoices will be sent to you by email or you can set up a direct debit from their account and payments will automatically be taken 10 working days from the last Saturday of the month, and in arrears, not in advance!

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We are always looking for new customers and to introduce new delivery areas, so if we don’t currently deliver in your area please register your interest and as soon as we have enough people on board, we can look at setting up a new round by you.

We are also keen to hear from coffee shops, restaurants, offices and factories, and although we try to keep as many of our orders in reusable glass bottles, we still offer the option of milk in 1 litre and 2 litre poly bottles if preferred, and offer a wide selection of catering products for the trade. Having said this more and more of our commercial customers are also making the switch to 1 pint glass bottles in the continued fight against single use plastic.

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