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Your Local Milkman

Your local  milkman provides a valuable service to the local community and we really are the eyes and ears of the emergency services during the early hours. At Milk Order Online all our milk comes from local farms within a 30 mile radius of the processing plant and our fruit & veg is handpicked from the Birmingham wholesale market every day, so you are guaranteed fresh, high quality products with every delivery, and if for any reason a customer is not 100% happy with the quality of any item we sell we will replace or refund every time.

When you purchase your milk from Milk Order Online you are not only helping to save the planet, but you are also supporting local farmers and producers, who for years have been struggling to survive, due to the financial pressures put on them by the major retailers.

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I didn't realise how poor the quality & taste were in the milk we used to buy, until i had fresh milk delivered - now i wouldn't change back!!

Paul MabbettWestwood Rd, Sutton Coldfield
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Why not join us in our fight against plastic pollution? and
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Why Should you choose us?

The best quality products for you.

High quality service for everyone.

Wake up to fresh milk!

Free delivery on all orders!

What do we offer?

  • Standard, free range, organic & speciality milk
  • Not just milk either-Juice, bread, free range eggs, cream & much, much more
  • No contract, no minimum order, no delivery charge
  • No more waiting in for the milkman to call for payment
  • Large range of local, high quality fresh products from your milkman
  • All milk supplied by local farms and processed by Cotteswold Dairy
  • Easy payment options including monthly direct debit
  • Orders can be changed up until 8pm the evening before your next delivery
  • Milk delivered in eco-friendly, reusable glass bottles or poly bottles if preferred
  • Local, reliable milk delivery staff
  • No more having to rush out for milk for breakfast or that morning cuppa
  • Early morning or early evening milk delivery, depending on your area
  • Fair price paid to local British dairy farmers
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